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In deciding to write this book, I knew that I would have to reveal a personal side of myself and tell parts of my life that I haven't told anyone before. I decided that it was time to be open and honest and allow others to read about the battles I have navigated through during my life thus far. Breast cancer was the greatest challenge of my life, and I truly didn't know if I would be able to get past it. But here I am. God allowed me to live. It's important to me to let others know that no matter how big or how bad a giant like cancer is, God will send a David to appear in your life. David may seem small or insignificant, but he has power like a lion to knock a giant to its knees. I am opening up to tell you about the giants in my life. There may be a giant that appears in yours. And when the giant comes, fear is something that may be present too, but it's something that doesn't have to stay. Fear, like cancer, does not have to have a place in your life because the Lord gives us strength to move beyond fear.

A Cancer Memoir: The Patsy Bates Survival Story

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