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One moment I was in that most beautiful place called Paradise. Suddenly, I heard the words, "I'm performing a miracle. I'm letting you live." Whoosh! Instantly I was back in my crumpled body. I found myself looking up at a very startled lady who had been cradling my lifeless head. Then my eyes frantically searched the faces of all those who had gathered around me, I asked as I labored to breathe, "Can anybody pray for me?" The crowd, mostly burly-looking men, slowly shook their heads from side to side as if in some sort of trance. No. As I realized what a desperate situation I was in, I repeated the question, "Can anybody pray for me?" Once again, as if in unison, they shook their heads. No.

Now I frantically gasped for air as my lungs quickly filled with blood. "Somebody, please pray!"

Then a hush fell over the crowd as one small boy pushed them all aside, kneeled in the broken glass, grease, and wreckage, slid his cap off his little head, and said, "Mister, I can."

A Gentle Tug

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