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Deann and her husband, George, were making a life for themselves in their native Colorado, working hard to make ends meet and relishing the joys of having two children. But one of them, three-year-old Luke, was getting around slowly and still not walking. When they learned that he had Duchene muscular dystrophy, their lives were changed forever. Doctors told the couple that their son would live until his late teens or early twenties, and while the news was devastating, their prayers to the Lord and relationship with God helped them enjoy every single moment they had together as a family. In this memoir, Deann celebrates her son, who touched so many lives in a short period of time. He always had a smile on his face, and he never let obstacles get in his way. Through his actions, he inspired everyone around him to live out loud. Luke always gave a helping hand, and his purpose in life was to share the love in his heart. His life will inspire you to overcome obstacles and recognize the importance of cherishing the ones you love.

A Walk Beside Me

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