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“I prayed I would live so I could tell my story about the unseen, divine hand that pushed and pulled me through life—testing, yet encouraging me to keep on keeping on.” Frieda Dixon only wanted to accomplish her goals and enjoy unconditional love, but she seemed to be thwarted at every turn. A family secret and tough economic times cast a cloud of uncertainty over her otherwise idyllic small town upbringing. She moved from upstate New York to Georgia to seek new opportunities, but she found it hard to adapt to southern culture. Happiness seemed a sure thing when she got married—until she found herself caught between pleasing her husband and caring for her aging parents, all while raising two sons with chronically poor health. In her late thirties, she was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease. Not many years after that, she lost first her father, then her husband, and finally her mother. In the face of all this grief and tribulation, her faith in the sovereignty of God was severely tested. Against all odds, however, she reclaims her close relationship with the Lord and finds love again. What’s more, the gift of a donor liver gave her a second chance to reclaim the years lost to disease, death, and despair. Whether you are struggling with health problems of your own or of a loved one, or just seeking to overcome obstacles, Frieda’s memoir offers inspiration and encouragement. The clock is always ticking, but Frieda discovers that the power of faith and hard work can work miracles in Born Three Times. Born Three Times, won the Director's Choice Award at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference on May 22, 2013.

Born Three Times

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