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For Your Tomorrows recounts the spiritual journey of F. Howard Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew who was the victim of vicious anti-Semitism as a child. In a strange turn of events, he ultimately embraced the professed faith of those who made his childhood a living nightmare and became an American Baptist minister. Part testimony, part memoir, and part cautionary tale, For Your Tomorrows seeks to empower us to recognize God's presence in our lives. Shapiro begins his memoir with the Scriptures that remind him that God has a purpose, a dream, a goal-and that He never stops pursuing His dreams. The narrative then describes Shapiro's journey-that of a Jewish boy abandoned by his father in the 1950s and subsequently experienced severe bullying, substance abuse, and the occult. When he finds himself in the presence of God, however, his life begins to take shape. Throughout his story, Shapiro shares pertinent scripture, Jewish history and fables, mythology, and colorful cultural commentary. For Your Tomorrows chronicles the unique experiences of a man who, when faced with the power of God and His love, chose a different path than the one set for him by history and his heritage. He chose to follow his God from Judaism to Christianity and to bring God's love to others as a Baptist minister.

For Your Tomorrows

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