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As a child born in the Philippines to a life of poverty and simplicity, Maria struggled every day of her childhood. From malaria to typhoons to physical and mental abuse, the trials in her life would make most of us believe that it would not be possible for someone to go through so much and survive. As an adult, not much has changed; there are still trials, but everything has gotten a little more interesting. God is still on His throne, in control, and He is still letting her know why some of these events in her life have come.

Whenever Maria has given her testimony, people from all walks of life have told her that she needs to write a book. She’s often referred to as Job. She has always asked God two important questions through out her life: God, do you know what you are doing, and what is wrong with you? You’ve made a mistake! If we are honest with ourselves, we have asked these same questions at one time or another in our lives.

God, Do You Know What You're Doing?

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