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The story of an American family which travels to Germany to join their U.S. Air Force husband, and father to live in a small village where no one spoke English. When a next door neighbor invites herself into their daily lives, speaking only German phrases and uses pantomime to communicate, she endears herself to them.

Life becomes a series of events, some comical, some aggravating yet tender, interspersed with some calamitous and fearful experiences, with this neighbor affecting every moment of their lives. Lynne, at first annoyed with the realization she was losing her ability to have control of her familys schedule, comes to appreciate this gentle soul who was destined to befriend them.

In light of the events that occur, she begins to search her inner depths and to realize her need to depend on her faith which had been neglected while she attended to their daily lives. It was during worrisome times that she turns to her Lord for strength and trusts His promises, accepting Him as her anchor and Saviour.

Goodbye, My Children

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