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Marble Surface

If you can change a diaper in an airplane lavatory. . .
If you can recite "The Cat in the Hat" by heart . . .
If you find cookie crumbs in your pocket ...

then you're a parent who'll get a good laugh--and inspiration--from "In the Beginning ... There Were No Diapers." Tim Bete understands that in the midst of the challenges of parenting there's always a chance to smile and recognize the miracle of the youhg life that is yours to care for. His real life stories will make you laugh out loud and they'll fill you with a sense of gratitude to God for this marvelous calling.

Drawn from his beloved column, "Where I Live," each story is an insightful and uplifting lesson in parenting. With self-effacing humor and a playful sense of fun, Bete helps you to smile and relax to enjoy parenting a little more, and to worry a little less.

In the Beginning There Were No Diapers

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