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Ingrid Trobisch Youngdale was born to missionary parents on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in East Aftrica. She grew up in the beautiful Ozark Mountains near Springfield, Missouri. After graduating from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, she continued her studies in Paris, France. From there she traveled alone to Cameroun, Wes Africa and served at a pioneer mission station.

In June 1952, she was married to Pastor Walter Trobisch in Germany. Together they ministered to families throughout the world with their books and seminars. Ingrid's world came to a stop with Walter's sudden death in 1979.

On My Way Home describes Ingrid's life jouney - a journey of struggles and sorrow to fulfillment and joy. Ingrid is the mother of five children and now resides with her second husband, Lauren, in Springfield, Missiouri.

Written by Ingrid Trobisch Youndale and edited for publication by her daughter Katrine Stewart.

On My Way Home

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