Marble Surface

It is 1950, and Brooklyn fourth grader Bobby Anderson hates writing letters more than anything in the whole wide world. Assigned by his "stoopid" teacher to pen "stoopid" letters to John, an imaginary recipient, Bobby shares an unforgettable glimpse into his young life as he details his adventures as a ten-year-old living in New York. As Bobby and his best friend, Earnest, move from fourth through eighth grades, he narrates days gone by as he plays stickball in the streets, finds treasures in garbage cans, feels the joys and pains of love, copes with the nuns at his Catholic school, and comes to the aid of beautiful ladies who live in his neighborhood. As witty, provoking, and tender experiences unfold, Bobby wishes he lived in the days when there were pirates, listens to Captain Midnight on the radio, and confesses a multitude of sins. After Bobby seeks and receives guidance about his future, he decides it is time to leave the letters and his imaginary friend behind. Peanut Butter Fridays presents a slice of life told through a series of letters that reveal the rollicking adventures as two Brooklyn boys solve at least some of life's greatest mysteries. "A kid with the smarts of Tom Sawyer living in a Brooklyn tenement in the 1950s. Wonderfully written, fabulously funny, also a tool for teachers and psychologists" -Richard Berman, PhD, social work

Peanut Butter Fridays