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Bob Morlan was a young boy growing up in southern Illinois, who was the product of a broken family. After dealing with the heartbreak of his family's dysfunction and brokenness, he spent time on the streets, and lost himself. Morlan, totally disillusioned by faltering role models, was filled with anger and rage. Without college as an option after high school, he enlisted in the army and while serving in the military, came to the conclusion that God did not exist.

Years later in the face of an adoption that was unraveling, after the loss of two children, the emotional welfare of his wife hung in the balance, and he found himself in a state of despair. With absolutely no options left, his desperation forced him to pray to a God he did not believe in.

Filled with light-hearted stories of his youth, poignant experiences in the army, a heart-warming love story, and the redemption of an atheist turned Christian, this religious biography will force you to examine your own walk with Christ.

The Atheism That Saved Me

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