Marble Surface

The Presence of God became explicitly real to me during several encounters I had with Jesus during a time of prayer. Visions of Jesus Christ were being displayed to me where I could joyfully yet painfully study and observe different features to the face of Jesus. As I was provoked to further contemplate the Scriptures, I entered into beautiful moments of seeing the various facets of Jesus; ranging from the suffering face of Jesus to the blissful face of Jesus and everything in between. This book will unveil visual aspects to the face of Jesus while revealing more and more of His Presence. What was seen will be conveyed for readers to personally relate and further imagine the fact that Jesus was fully man on the earth and not just divine. In this book, one will come to be awakened to the fact that Jesus truly loves and desires intimate fellowship with His people — this was the very joy set before Him: our hearts beating for Him.

The Face of Jesus - Encounter His Presence