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This book is a passionate account of Lydia Greears journey as the main caregiver and guardian for her adult son through recovery from a traumatic brain injury. A moment in time one Saturday night has brought about months of day-by-day steps through managing care for Thaddeus.
The original documents were recorded day by day and then weeks and monthly accounts of progress as Thaddeus moved from ER to ICU to rehabilitation. This is an emotionally charged account of being challenged by the unknown. You will see her passion unfold and her challenge to keep a positive attitude as she manages people, systems, and facilities.
Many family members are not prepared to deal with the drama of traumatic brain injury. Every brain injury is different, and recovery is uncertain. Lydia searched for support and information to help her deal with the realities of everyday life. There are written accounts published by former patients, doctors, and doctors who were patients. This is a book written from the family members perspective.

Traumatic Brain Injury - A Caregiver's Journey

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