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Are you a survivor of verbal, physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual abuse? If you are, or if you know someone who is, this book is for you. The healing journey can be difficult and lonely. Pain is isolating. Your pain may be isolating you. Do you realize that the Life-Giver, Jesus Christ, wants to journey with you through your pain?

Traveling with the Life-Giver is written as an aid and companion for you as you move toward psychological and spiritual recovery. You will become acquainted with Cherished, the main character, and her struggles toward wholeness following her abuse. Travel with her through her shadowy journey into the Valley of Despair, and you will meet her enemy, Shame, as he draws her into a cavern asylum. Finally, you will meet Life-Giver and the Spirit who are faithful to show her a way out of the darkness into the place of life.

Traveling with the Life-Giver will enhance your healing process and can be used for personal or group study. Whether you have just begun your healing journey or have been on the pathway for a while, would you invite Life-Giver to travel with you?

Traveling with the Life-Giver

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